concrete production

concrete production & SEPARation



ga. Posega Irena (Sales manager)

g. Ibrčić Himzo (Concrete mixtures)


concrete production

Modern, computerly managed concrete mixing plant ROME CZ 6P5OB can arrange production of 80m3 of fresh concrete per hour. The plant capacity is 2 m3, minimal amount of mixing is 0,5 m3.

We produce 21 different kind of concrete material form our own separation agregate. For all kind of concrete we have also EC  -certificates of production control. As such, there are certificated al extra components of our suppliers.

In laboratory we test regurarly fresh and hardened concrete. External examination does Certification organ Irma, institute for testing materials and aplications.

Delivery tot he customers is possible with modern concrete mixer capacity till 10 m3.

Concrete material can be build in with truck of reach till 28 meters.





We priduce the agregates with mesaures 0/4, 4/8, 8/16, 16/31,5 and 0/4 milled. For all oft hem we have certificates  ( EC – certificate ) of internal control of production. The agregates for mortar is also possible to buy and deliver.

Deliveries of agregates can be arranged with our truck fleet.